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Solomon, Hebrew King of a united Israel, is an important figure within a variety of beliefs. He shows up in Jewish, Christian, and Islamic scripture, praised as a leader who valued wisdom over riches and who was dedicated to God.

Among occultists, particularly those working within an Abrahamic framework, he is similarly respected. After all:

The story of Solomon's wisdom speaks to a central point of occultism. The purpose of occultism is to gain hidden knowledge thru personal experience. It is not based on simply accepting revealed knowledge through scriptures, as interpreted by organized religion. Occultism is an attempt to learn spiritual truths directly yourself. (Occult View, "The occult significance of the historical King Solomon", March 8, 2010)
Solomon is also credited in Rabbinical teachings as commanding angels and demons, and occult documents ascribed to him (but actually composed thousands of years later) discuss such techniques. It's important to note he commanded demons rather than worked with them, although that subtlety has led some conservative Christians to reject Solomon as a villain.

Recent archeological finds have brought the historical Solomon again to people's attention. For all of the attention and respect that Solomon gets, we're still not sure he was even a real guy and, if he was, when exactly he lived.

October 26, 2012 at 6:02 am
(1) Sylvanus says:

How is it that even though MANY religions speak of Solomon’s existence and have documented this, that you end the article with a whimsical almost disrespectful questioning of his existence?

What does it take for a person to be “REAL”?

Obviously documented written evidence by not only the 3 main religions that you mentioned but others like Bahai and Rastafarianism is ENOUGH to concretize Solomon’s existence in this realm…

Why does “WHEN” matter? When is an illusion of linear time which is also an illusion of the polarity matrix we all live in…Time exists at ALL TIMES, not just the present… So while you are reading this in 2012, another form of you, your spirit, or even soul may be reading this 25 years from now…Will you say then that I didn’t exist even though you have proof of this post 25 years later?

Why the doubt of the existence of a being who is so widely documented, respected, and loved?

DENIAL is mankind’s FIRST and GREATEST tragedy… when coupled with ignorance, arrogance, and disrespect of the sacred, our world becomes a living nightmare and hell for those who REFUSE to see the light of TRUTH due to egoic postulations focused on lack, division, and lies…


October 29, 2012 at 1:00 am
(2) Catherine Beyer says:

Contemporary sources is a good start to proving someone is real, which we don’t have.

That certainly don’t prove he isn’t real, and I never claimed otherwise. I stated we don’t know.

It’s not disrespectful to acknowledge a lack of evidence and a subject that is very much under investigation by Biblical scholars.

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