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Astrology and the 13th Sign

By January 15, 2011

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Astronomy and Western Astrology just stepped a bit farther apart this week as astronomers announced that not only have the zodiac signs shifted (due to a wobble in the Earth's axis), but we've gained an entirely new sign: Ophiuchus, squeezed between Sagittarius and Scorpio.

But that's only according to what is known as the sidereal zodiac, which is mostly used in the East.  Westerners tend to use the tropical zodiac, which is linked more to the seasons and is unaffected by this astronomical update.

Still, its causing plenty of confusion among astrology believers, particularly, I suspect, those who casually follow it but don't know the specifics of the practice.

As for me, who is - according to astronomers - now a Ophiuchus, rather than a Sagittarius, my biggest question is how do pronounce my new sun sign?  Because the only pronunciation I have come up with is rather obscene.

January 16, 2011 at 4:58 pm
(1) Greg says:

Haha, it’s Ore-fee-yew-kuss.

I really don’t understand why astronomy is causing such a big fuss in the astrology world. Astronomy is objective; astrology is occult. Astronomers are constantly dismissing astrology.

January 25, 2011 at 1:55 am
(2) Darkenwulf says:

I, too, am a Sag who is propelled into the new one. I have studied the new sign and kinda like it. Only time will tell if it sticks to glue and stays. Let it all play out. Ride the big wave and keep on surfing.

January 28, 2011 at 1:09 am
(3) Aki says:

Haha! It’s OH-fee-yew-kuhs.
Funny. About a week before I heard about this new “revelation” among astrologers, I read an Indiana Jones-style YA book that revolved around Ophiuchus and his mythology. I find it odd that he’s been added to the zodiac at all considering his origins. The original astrologers purposely excluded his star sign because there was such bad fortune attributed to him and his myths.

Anyways. I was an Aries, and am apparently now a Pisces. It’s funny, though–I’ve done some curious reading up on the ‘attributes’ of my new star sign and it seems to fit me far better than Aries ever did.

But to be honest, I have to admit, the vast majority of the ideas of fates, personalities, and romance being controlled by the orbits…seems a little bit too far fetched for me in the first place.

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