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Inventing History: The Oslo Tragedy

By July 25, 2011

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Today we gained our first look into the reasons why Anders Behring Breivik bombed a building and opened fire on dozens of teens and young adults: he was protesting the incursions of Muslims into Norway.  He hoped to incite revolution  against Muslims, according to an AP report.  Exactly how this was going to happen I'm unsure: is this similar to Charles Manson's hopes to incite race war by murdering rich white folk and hoping people would blame it on blacks?

Breivik's writings are delusional to say the least.  He compares Muslims with Marxists and Nazis, saying it is hypocritical to treat any member of any of the three groups differently from one another.  MotherJones.com lets you read some of his own words on the matter.

Breivikis a confirmed Protestant (Lutheranism is the national faith), although he calls for his country to return to Catholicism.  Yet he considers Muslims and other immigrants to be a threat to Norway's indigenous culture.  Dude, Norway's indigenous culture was pagan.  Indeed, Norway was still pagan when Islam was in full bloom.  Norway was still pagan when the Franks stopped Islamic expansion in Spain.  Norway was still partially pagan at the time of the First Crusade.  You don't represent the indigenous culture, Breivik.

And while his hatred of Muslims is rooted significantly in Islamic-motivated terrorist attacks, Breivik is himself Norway's worst terrorist, and, indeed, one of Europe's worst, with his death toll currently at 76.

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