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Problems with Religion

By August 14, 2011

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An article on Bahai Blog addressed three big problems many people have with religion today, as well as responses to them. As a religion writer, I encounter these same feelings on a pretty regular basis.  one of the biggest issues I have with such complaints is that they list problems specific to particular areas, but then apply it to all of religion.

First, the suggestion that religion is outdated.  If you feel your religion is outdated, consider which parts are outdated and update them!  Alternatively, look to younger religions.  Religion certainly doesn't have all the same purposes it had 3000 years ago, but that doesn't make the whole thing outdated, merely some of the purposes.

Second, religion is about manipulation.  Most of the world is in some way religious, and quite frankly I find this position insulting.  Do you seriously think the majority of the world is mindlessly following their faith, while you and a minority of other non-religious folk are the enlightened ones?  Certainly some groups manipulate, and certainly some groups benefit from believers doing certain things (although that doesn't always equate to manipulation), but that isn't endemic to religion in general.  Exactly how are, say, Taoists indoctrinated and manipulated in a religion that has no priesthood or hierarchy?

Third, religion caused war and hatred.  I got news for you: humanity caused war and hatred.  You think if we removed religion there would be peace on earth?  Wars are most commonly fought over resources, not religion, although sometimes religion is essentially used as en excuse (such as in the Crusades or the strife in Ireland).  You really think we couldn't find other excuses without religion?  Humans can be nasty, petty creatures when the mood hits them.

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