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Discovering Deists

By December 31, 2012

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This month I returned to deism, as it is a highly popular topic on this site.

A History of Deism describes the developments in Europe that led up to the development of deism in the 18th century.  one of the things I constantly remind my students is that nothing appears out of thin air.  It was the intellectual climate of the time that fueled deism, and that intellectual climate was influenced by what had been previously been developing.

How to be a Deist covers some of the ways deists are informed by their religion in everyday life.  There are no deist rituals or holidays.  Such things are fairly contrary to deism.  But that doesn't mean it can't influence a person's life.

Deism was a rejection of revealed religion.  Revealed religions are those religions where God's will is transmitted through holy books or prophets and believers are expected to believe this sources of information as factual and true.  Deists reject accepting information that cannot be rationally supported.

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