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What Is Sex Magic? - Definition and Example - Alternative Religions
Magicians can use a variety of methods for producing energy for their workings. Sex is one such method, and the result is commonly referred to as sex magic.
Chaos Magic - Alternative Religions - About.com
Chaos magic is, perhaps the hardest type of magic to explain because definition is the antithesis of chaos. ... White Magic and Black Magic · What is Sex Magic?
Magic and Magick - Alternative Religions - About.com
Understand the use of the term "magick" in place of "magic," as well as a working ... White Magic and Black Magic · Ceremonial Magic · What is Sex Magic?
Ciara and Justin Timberlake - "Love Sex Magic" - Review of the ...
"Love Sex Magic" is Ciara's second single from the 'Fantasy Ride' album. It was co-written and performed by Ciara and Justin Timberlake. The Y's contributed ...
What is the Great Rite? And What is Ritual Sex? - Paganism & Wicca
Read on to find out just what ritual sex means, and why people might have it (or ... masturbation and sexual release is a perfectly valid way of raising magical ...
The Traditional Use of Body Fluids in Magic - Paganism & Wicca
In some magical traditions, semen and vaginal secretions are an important component of sex magic. Cat Yronwoode recommends the gathering of semen in a ...
All About Beltane - What Is Beltane? - Paganism & Wicca - About.com
Beltane is a season of fertility and fire, and we often find this reflected in the magic of the season. Let's look at some of that spring magic, from ritual sex to fertility ...
Types of Magic:Ceremonial,Folk,Witchcraft,Black and White
in a culture that primarily does not believe in magic, all magical beliefs are frequently ... In fact, there's a wide variety of different magical practices in existence, and there ... Planetary Magical Squares · Magic and Magick · Wh...
Magic, Spellwork, and How It All Works
Ever wonder why chocolate can bring on feelings of sexual arousal? There's nothing magical here -- it's all about the science of the human body -- but definitely ...
White Magic and Black Magic Comparison - Alternative Religions
Some people, when speaking of magic, divide its uses into two categories: white magic and black magic. The definition of these terms, ... What is Sex Magic?
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