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What is the Occult? - Alternative Religions - About.com
Rumor, conspiracy theories and Hollywood have created a very warped image of occult studies, leading many to use the word as synonymous with black magic ...
Occult Articles - Kabbalah - Divination - Astrology - Magic - New Age
Read about the many branches of occult study, particularly that of the western occult tradition, which is the root of the majority of paths followed by occultists in ...
Types of Occult Practices - Paths of the Western Occult Tradition ...
The following is a partial list of paths within the Western Occult Tradition. Many occultists follow practices involving aspects of multiple paths. This makes ...
Gender and the Occult - Gender in Western Occultism
Within Western occultism, concepts of gender are important in a wide variety of branches, with some qualities being considered male and others being ...
Why Is the Occult So Associated With Satanism?
For many people, the word occult is practically synonymous with Satanism. Not only is that a relatively recent phenomena, but it's not grounded in any fact.
Is Freemasonry a Religion? Occultism and the Freemasons
The Freemasons are a fraternal order dating back at least four centuries and have likely roots in medieval mason guilds. Questions abound today as to what ...
Henry Cornelius Agrippa - Occultism - Three Books on Occult ...
Agrippa's Three Books of Occult Philosophy have gone through dozens of printings over the last 500 years and continues to be a commonly referenced occult ...
Western Occult Tradition - Alternative Religions - About.com
Derived from a variety of sources such as Neoplatonism, Hermeticism, and Kaballah, the Western occult tradition attempts to bridge spirituality and physicality.
Planetary Occult Correspondences - Alternative Religions - About.com
Correspondences form an elaborate foundation for Western occult practices. The concept of higher realms influencing lower realms leads believers to surround ...
Solar Occult Correspondences - The Sun - Sol - Alternative Religions
In the Western occult tradition, each planet is associated with certain qualities that an occultist might wish to attract. There is also a long series of ...
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