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Satanic Infernal Names of European Origin


11. Midgard Serpent

Also known as Jormungandr, this is another offspring of Loki.

12. Mormo

A Greek spirit who tormented misbehaving children and sometimes accompanied Hecate. If ascribed a gender, it is generally female, although LaVey calls it King of the Ghouls and consort to Hecate.

13. Nija

Potential Polish god of the underworld, although source material is lacking.

14. Pan

Pan was a half-goat, half-man Greek god of the wilderness and sexuality. That alone would probably merit inclusion on this list, but Pan has also gained some preeminence among 19th and 20th century occultists. In addition, it has become fashionable to claim that Satan was based off of Pan, when in fact Satan has been depicted in many forms over the centuries, many of them utterly un-goat-like in appearance.

15. Pluto

Pluto is the Roman god of the underworld, comparable to the Greek Hades.

16. Prosperine

LaVey identifies her as the Greek queen of the underworld. In fact, Proserpine is the Roman version of this figure. The Greek version is Persephone.

Hades, god of the underworld, kidnapped Persephone. While she was eventually rescued, it became known that she had eaten a handful of seeds from the realm of the dead, and it was decided that she had to remain in the underworld one month for each seed. During winter, she reigns as the queen of the underworld next to Hades. In the summer she returns to the living, and her mother, Demeter, allows the world to bloom in joy.

17. Pwcca

Also spelled pooka or puca, the pwcca are a type of faerie. Shapeshifters and tricksters, they could get decidedly nasty, particularly if you got on their bad side.

18. Tunrida

LaVey describes her as a "Scandinavian female devil," although I can find no information at all on her, beyond a Scandinavian black metal band has named itself after her (or perhaps after LaVey's reference to her).

19. Typhon

A Greek brother of the Titans of such monstrosity it caused gods to flee in terror. Zeus trapped it under Mt. Aetna, where is continues to bellow smoke and lava. He is also the father of such monsters as Cerberus, the hydra, the chimera, and the sphinx.
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