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What is Theistic Satanism?

And Introduction to Theistic Satanism for Beginners


Theistic Satanism encompasses a variety of related beliefs honoring a figure addresses as Satan or associated with Satan. In contrast to LaVeyan Satanism, which is atheistic and considers Satan merely a symbol for what their faith encourages, theistic Satanists view Satan as an actual being. Theistic Satanism is largely a development of the 20th century.

Association with the Christian Satan

While theistic Satanists do acknowledge an actual deity to whom they are dedicated, that being has significant differences from the Christian Satan. Theistic Satanism does not promote murder, rape, evil, etc. Instead, their Satan is a god of things like freedom, sexuality, strength, creativity, hedonism, and success.
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Branches of Theistic Satanism

Theistic Satanism has no central organization. They are many different branches of theistic Satanism working independently of each other. Some of these groups address their deity as Satan, while others have alternative names for him. These groups include: Theology between groups can vary widely.

The Temple of Set previously identified itself as Satanic but no longer does.

Likewise, Luciferians hold many principles in common with theistic Satanists and recognize a being they call Lucifer, but they do not identify themselves as Satanists.

The Left-Hand Path

Satanists, as well as Setians and Luciferians, consider their practices to be part of the left-hand path.
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