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For many, the term "Satanism" brings to mind many unpleasant thoughts and images. Urban legends are full of supposedly Satanic deeds, but how much is truth and how much is runaway fiction and fear? Find answers to frequently asked questions about Satanic practices and beliefs.

Q: Who is Satan?

A: Satan appears within multiple belief systems. Unfortunately, there is a common presumption that all of these Satanic figures must indeed be the same being, despite the fact that each religion has its own very unique perspective and description of him. Christians see him as evil, Jews see him as merely a tempter, while Satanists often see him as a representation of earthly pleasures...Read more

Q: How Can Satanists Have Rules if They Encourage Self-Indulgence?

LaVeyan Satanism offers an interesting comparison between its philosophy of not being confined by rules, dogmas and taboos, yet simultaneously offering it's own rules (such as the Satanic Rules of the Earth) and encouraging lawful behavior...Read more

Q: Is LaVeyan Satanism a Cult?

A: All forms of Satanism are commonly labeled as cultish by those unfamiliar with specific practices and teachings, thanks to rumor, folklore, and a hefty collection of B-movies. Using these guidelines for determining a dangerous cult, let's see how LaVeyan Satanism actually stacks up...Read more

Q: Is Halloween Satanic?

A: Only in certain circumstances, and not historically. Halloween is most directly related to the Catholic holiday of All Hallows Eve, although it has picked up a variety of practices and beliefs most likely borrowed from folklore. Even the origins of those practices are often questionable... Read more

Q: How Prevalent is Satanic Ritual Abuse?

A: Satanic Ritual Abuse, or SRA, is essentially a myth. While self-styled Satanists occasionally commit brutal crimes, these are the result of disturbed individuals whose beliefs often have little in common with mainline Satanists.

The accusation of an organized group of Satanists perpetuating sexual, physical or emotional abuse upon victims has never been substantiated. Thus, the FBI has concluded that SRA is a myth...Read more

Q: What is the Satanic Panic?

A: The Satanic Panic was a time period roughly covering the 1980s when many people became growingly concerned about Satanic conspiracies spreading throughout the United States. People were particularly fearful that Satanists were targeting children both physically and psychologically, and they warned that unwary souls might fall under the sway of Satanic influences if they did not remain vigilant...Read more

Q: Do Satanists Hate God?

A: Generally no, as most Satanists do not believe in...Read more

Q: Do Satanists Harm Animals?

A: No. In fact, harming animals for reasons other than food is specifically contrary to some Satanist philosophies...Read more

Q: How Do I Convert to Satanism?

A: There are no requirements for calling oneself a Satanist. There are a variety of Satanic organizations one can join...Read more

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