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Beliefs and Creeds

Investigate detailed aspects of the beliefs of alternative religions. Also review standard creeds generally held in common by followers of a particular faith.
  1. Baha'i Faith (7)
  2. Jedi Religion (7)
  3. Satanism, LaVeyan (14)
  4. Scientology (5)
  5. Western Occult Tradition (23)
  6. Zoroastrianism (4)

Can Raelians Belong to Other Religions?
Can people of other faiths such as Christianity be formal members of the Raelian Movement?

Can Unitarian Universalists Belong to Other Religions?
Are members of the Unitarian Universalist Church allowed to also follow other religions?

Raeling Cloning Beliefs
Raelians accept extra-terrestrial cloning technology to be a reality. It is a central part of both their life-after-death beliefs as well as their vision of the original creation of human life on Earth. For this reason, they are strong supporters of cloning technology being pursued on Earth.

Vilokan: Vodou Spirit Realm
Vilokan is the home of the lwa in Vodou. It is synonymous with the spirit realm, as opposed to the physical realm in which mortals live. It is depicted as a submerged island.

Seven Principles of Unitarian Universalism

Unitarian Universalism (or UU) is a highly individualistic religion with no dogma concerning the spiritual nature of the world. As such, different UUs can have radically different ideas concerning the nature of the divine (or absence of the same) or ethical decisions.

However, there are seven principles which UUs agree upon being the foundation of their organization and which …

Ebo - Sacrifice in Santeria
While the idea of animal sacrifice is abhorrent to mainstream Westerners, in remains a major practice in many religions, including Santeria. Learn about the perspective of Santerians on the practice and how it relates to their religion.

Purification Rituals in Religion
Purification is a central facet of many religion's rituals. Sacred space is a place set aside from the mundane world. As such, it is important to many religious people to keep corrupting influences from entering such a space.

Axis Mundi in Alternative Religions
The axis mundi is a religion's concept of the center of the world and is a bridge between multiple realms, stretching from the physical world into the realms of spirits and gods. The religion itself in some way revolves around this point, stressing it in ritual and/or mythology.

Axis Mundi in Judeo-Christian Religions
The axis mundi is a central point within any given religion. Within the Judeo-Christian religions, the axis mundis are specific geographic locations, specifically the Temple Mount and Calvary in Jerusalem and the Kaaba in Mecca.

Order of Rael's Angels
Rael's Angels are a female-only organization within the Raelian movement which prepares women to staff the Elohim embassy. Until that time, they are held up as prime examples of strong, feminine women to be role models for men and women alike.

Role of Intermediaries In Religion
Religion is commonly about connecting people with the spiritual world. Sometimes this connection is direct. However, in many others specific people or objects are seen has helpful or even necessary to bridge the gap between the physical and spiritual worlds.

Luciferian Principles
The Order of the Luciferian Sword put together its summary of what it means to be a Luciferian.

Sexuality in the Raelian Movement
The Raelians are known in part of their very public embracing of sexuality and denouncing those who attempt to stifle and control it. However, being open about sex does not make one a sex addict, despite some people's impression of the Raelians. how do Raelians really approach sex?

Death Rituals, Beliefs, and Outlooks
Every culture has its own beliefs about death and rituals structured around those beliefs. What comes after death can be anything from an afterlife to rebirth to oblivion. Funeral ceremonies may be somber or joyous or practical.

How to be a Deist
It is sometimes difficult to understand how one practices a non-organized religion. Deism has no specific rituals precisely because none are necessary. How, then, is one actively a deist? How can deism influence a person's life?

The Rebis from the Theoria Philosophiae Hermeticae
The Rebis is an allegorical image representing the ultimate goal of alchemy, the great work. It represents the harmonious union of opposite, the bringing together of spirit and matter.

Taboos in a Religious Context
Taboos are a basic part of culture. Not nearly all are religious in nature, but there are also a fair number that do exist within the culture's religious context.

Religious Limitations on Marriage
Different religions have a variety of viewpoints on how to deal with relationships between believers and non-believers. Sometimes the relationship is seen as a way of converting the non-believer. Sometimes the non-believer is a threat to the believer's faith. And sometimes it is about how a religious culture is going to survive surrounded by outsiders.

Apocalyptic Religions
Apocalyptic religions emphasize their end of the world beliefs as central to their practices.

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