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Children in Satanism

Children's Special Status Among Satanists


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Contrary to movies and urban legends, which leave some parents in fear of their children being stolen away by Satanists, members of the Church of Satan hold children in particularly high regard.

"Do Not Harm Little Children"

The ninth rule of the Eleven Satanic Rules of the Earth clearly states "Do not harm little children." There are no caveats or exceptions to that statement.

LaVey may well have included this statement precisely so his Church would not attract sociopaths and to distance his organization with urban legend. However, the sentiment is clearly sincere on his part. Elsewhere in his writings he states that children are our future, and that the unfettered lives that children lead are repeatedly given as examples to follow.

Free From Social Suppression

By the time we are adults, society has imprinted most of us with all sorts or rules, constraints and taboos. Some, like civil laws, are meant to keep order. Others, however, are seen by Satanists as arbitrary tools to control and manipulate.

Children are still largely free of such constraints. They investigate with insatiable curiosity, unconcerned that they - or someone else - might not like what they find. They artistically create whatever they are drawn to create without concern or self-criticism. They follow their instincts rather than the manners and limits that society attempts to place on us.

Children are also highly imaginative, able to exist in realms most adults cannot comprehend because the adult has been trained to write off imaginative things as false, fictitious, unreal and, thus, unimportant.

The purest form of carnal existence reposes in the bodies of animals and human children who have not grown old enough to deny themselves their natural desires. They can perceive things that the average adult human can never hope to. Therefore, the Satanist holds these beings in a sacred regard, knowing he can learn much from these natural magicians of the world. (The Satanic Bible, p. 89)

Injunction Against Sexual Relations With Children

While Satanists believe each adult should be free to engage in whatever sexual activities toward which he or she is drawn, a hard line is drawn at anything that violates the sexual rights of another. This includes not only rape in the wider sense, but also sex with animals and children. Neither animals nor children can consent. A child's innocence and lack of experience with the world leaves them open "to be intimidated or misguided into doing something against their wishes." (p. 70)

LaVey does not, however have any objections with masturbation in either children or adults. He considers it an entirely natural practice brought on by curiosity and/or need for sexual release. He finds it far more harmful when parents teach their children that such natural urges are sinful and dirty, which can lead them to resent their own bodies.

The Child's Lust For Life

Children are constantly seeking sensory experience, fully living every waking moment. The more that is happening around them, the more exuberant they get. Adults, on the other hand, have a tendency to let life pass them by, let someone else deal with whatever there is out there with which to deal. Satanists are encouraged to take the lives of children as examples of how to better embrace every day of life.

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