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How Do I Convert to Satanism?


An inverted pentacle, symbol of Satanism. Opposed to the Pagan pentacle. The Satanist pentacle represents the domination of the matter on the spirit. This last is represented by the apex at the bottom of the inverted pentagram. At the top there are the elements of fire and water.
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Question: How Do I Convert to Satanism?
Answer: There are no requirements for calling oneself a Satanist. There are a variety of Satanic organizations one can join (such as the Church of Satan), but membership is not needed. Indeed, some groups actively try to weed out those who wish to join primarily because they think membership is important, as Satanism is about controlling one's own life and finding and expressing inner strength and power.

Church of Satan Membership

Joining the Church of Satan requires a one-time $200 fee and an application form. Check out the "Affiliation" link on the Church of Satan website for more information.

Temple of Set Membership

Membership in the Temple of Set requires an $80 annual fee. For more information and an application, check out the Temple's Affiliation page.
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