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Which Religions Involve Animal Sacrifice?


Question: Which Religions Involve Animal Sacrifice?

A complete list of religions across the world that involve animal sacrifice would be impossible to compile, as it is still a part of a variety of indigenous practices. However, in the West, very few religions involve animal sacrifice.

How Sacrifices are Commonly Conducted
Most often, animal sacrifice in the West is a product of African Diaspora religions such as Santeria, Candomble, and Vodou. Practitioners of these religions conform to a variety of local laws regulating the treatment of animals, and participants commonly eat the flesh of the animal rather than simply discarding it.

Therefore, when animals are found tortured, killed and discarded, it is generally not associated with any religion. Instead, it is the result or disturbed individuals, often teenagers who may be rebelling against authority or even view their actions as a prank.

Religions That Do Not Sacrifice
Animal sacrifice is a common accusation made against minority religions by those who feel threatened by them. In most cases these accusations are completely false. Among the most commonly wrongly accused: Satanists and Wiccans, neither of whom have any purpose for sacrifice, and neopagans in general, who likewise generally have no need for animal sacrifice.

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