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Historical Figures

Most religions were significantly influenced by one or more historical (or quasi-historical) people, and many of these people are honored within the faith for their contributions.
  1. Baha'i Faith (4)
  2. Western Occult Tradition (3)

Aleister Crowley, Thelemic Prophet
A highly controversial figure in his own time, Aleister Crowley is now considered highly influential in occult circles. Besides being held as a prophet within the religion of Thelema, his numerous writings on magic and religion are still widely read.

Founders of the Baha'i Faith
While the Baha'i Faith stresses personal interpretation of scripture, Baha'i scripture was produced by four people whose works are the cornerstone of the Baha'i Faith.

Renaissance Occultists
Renaissance occultists both shaped Western occult thought and often assisted in laying the foundations for modern science. View the profiles of some of the most notable occultists from the Renaissance.

Who was Zoroaster (Zarathushtra)? The Origins of Zoroastrianism
The very early history of Zoroastrianism and it's founder, Zoroaster.

L Ron Hubbard - Founder Of Scientology
In-depth biography of the controversial founder of the Church of Scientology and developer of its methods.

Emperor Haile Selassie I - Rastafari Messiah And Emperor Of Ethiopia
Selassie I was hailed and honored as the Messiah by Rastas due to his mythological lineage, political position, and pro-African policies along with Biblical prophesies that Rastas believe Selassie fulfilled.

Anton LaVey - Founder of the Church of Satan and LaVeyan Satanism
Anton LaVey created an atheistic, magically-inclined religion that challenged nearly every concept of traditional or conventional faith.

Rael: Claude Vorhilon
Claude Vorhilon, also known as Rael, in the founder of the Raelian Movement, which is based on the belief that humans were created in laboratories by an alien race known as the Elohim.

Snoop Lion and his Conversion to the Rastafari Movement
With a long history inside gangsta rap culture, Snoop Dogg surprised many by converting to the Rastafari Movement, focusing his music on reggae, and renaming himself Snoop Lion, a reference to the Lion of Judah.

Baruch Spinoza
In the 17th century, Baruch Spinoza introduced the concept of pantheism to educated readers. While he was not the first to hold such beliefs, he was the first whose ideas reached a significant audience.

Sir Isaac Newton
Sir Isaac Newton was an unconventional man in many ways. Besides being a science pioneer, he also embraced a variety of alternative beliefs such as alchemy and non-trinitarianism.

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