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Every religion is distinguished by unique rituals and practices through which members express and pursue their beliefs and religious obligations.
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What is Sex Magic?
Magicians can use a variety of methods for producing energy for their workings. Sex is one such method, and the result is commonly referred to as sex magic.

Is Ganja Legal for Rastas in the United States?
Marijuana, commonly known as ganja among Rastas, is illegal in most countries, including the US. However, as an important part of the Rastafari religion, is ganja smoking protected by the First Amendment, which guarantees religious freedom?

Vodou Pwen Dolls
In Vodou, a pwen is an item filled with particular components that appeal to a particular lwa. They are meant to attract a lwa and gain its influences for a person or place. Pwen come in a variety of forms, including dolls. Pwen dolls can be found in a variety of forms, from crude poppets to elaborate works of art.

Transmission of the Cellular Plan within the Raelian Movement
While Raelians perform a variety of meditations, the transmission of the cellular plan is the only formal ritual within the Raelian Movement. This is often described as a baptism or initiation, and it marks a parson's formal entrance into the movement.

Eggun: The Dead - Their Importance in Santeria
Santeria includes the honoring of spirits of the dead, known as eggun. Read an overview of the egguns' place within Santeria as well as several practices associated with them.

Taking Care of Your Ilekes (Necklaces) in Santeria
Ilekes are presented to Santeria practitioners at initiation and are a personal link to the orishas. Special care is expected in the care and treatment of them.

Sweat Lodge
The sweat lodge is a widely used practice among Native Americans for both physical and spiritual purification and communion with spirits. Various modern, non-Native groups and individuals have also appropriated the ritual for their own uses, generally to the offense of Natives.

Ebbos in Santeria – Sacrifices and Offerings
Santeria involves a reciprocal relationship with the orishas. While believers approach the orishas for help, guidance and good will, they are also expected to give in return. Indeed, the orishas need such offerings in order to survive. As such, sacrifices and other offerings are central practices within Santeria.

Types of Magic
in a culture that primarily does not believe in magic, all magical beliefs are frequently grouped into a single pile and treated as if all followed a single coherent system, had the same goals, and attracted the same people. In fact, there's a wide variety of different magical practices in existence, and there can be some fundamental...

The Great Work or Magnum Opus
Contrary to the popular image of transmuting lead to gold, the purpose of alchemy was a spiritual transformation sometimes described in chemical allegory. This ultimate goal was known as the Great Work or the Magnum Opus.

Fasting in Religion
Fasting is a common religious practice that involves abstaining from some or all food for some period of time. It may also limit drink. Fasting helps one separate from a comfortable, material world in order to better focus on humble spiritual endeavors while purifying the self.

Chaos Magic
Chaos magic is, perhaps the hardest type of magic to explain because definition is the antithesis of chaos. In short, chaos magic is magic that does not conform to any rules.

Why do Rastas Smoke Ganja and Wear Dreadlocks?
The smoking of ganja (marijuana) and the wearing of dreadlocks are two of the most known things about Rastas. But why do they do it? Each of these actions has specific meaning and purpose within the Rastafari Movement.

Bible Code
Bible Code is the non-traditional reading of sacred texts, most commonly the Torah or Bible, particularly the Book of Revelation. Bible Code is based on the premise that divinely inspired works contain messages both obvious and unobvious.

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