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LaVeyan Satanism, and Satanism in general, embraces success. It encourages people to excel at their pursuits, to avoid mediocrity, and to appreciate the true successes of others. It also sees a variety of programs as counter-productive, things that raise people up because of facets other than personal acheivement.

Appreciate the Best of Humanity

To Satanists, humans are a phenomenal species capable of truly extraordinary things, and this fact has been proven time and time again throughout history. People should embrace those successes and give credit where credit is due.

Dangers of Political Correctness

Giving inferior credit to superior work, or superior credit to inferior work, is both unfair and unhelpful. Says Peter H. Gilmore:
Satanists find a wealth of material in Western culture to be treasured for the pinnacle of human achievements that they are, and not to be buried under the swill of multiculturalist attempts to displace them with dubious achievements simply because they are non-Western as has become rampant in some academic circles of late. We call to each individual to seek human greatness wherever it can be found, from the vaults of history and from the talented producers of the present, and to deride the trendy sham for the shallow façade that it is. (Source: page 22 o the Satanic scriptures, or found online here)
Such a quote is abrupt, as Satanic writings often are, but its important to read what is actually being said. Gilmore does not say you shouldn't appreciate non-Western culture. He just says you shouldn't appreciate random things just because its politically correct to do so, and you certainly shouldn't dismiss the accomplishments of other cultures again because of political correctness. Motivation is everything here.

Darwinism and Eugenics

Satanists believe the best thing for the human species as a whole is to let weaker members fail while focusing resources on the most promising individuals, thus embracing social Darwinism. In an ideal society, members would voluntarily participate in eugenics, with people bearing defects voluntarily refraining from bearing biological children.

They absolutely do not support forced eugenics, as that is a blatant destruction of another person's freedom, and Satanism strongly embraces the concept of personal freedoms. Such a person should refrain from having children not out of fear but out of understanding of the big picture.

Nature separates the weak from the strong, the successful from the unsuccessful, in all aspects of worldly existence. To seek a middle ground is unnatural and based on emotional sentiment, and it causes the species to stagnate rather than evolve.

End of Welfare and Affirmative Action

In support of the above outlook, Gilmore expresses a wish to end welfare programs as well as affirmative action. Success comes out of struggle, and those who are not succeeding should not be rewarded for that lack of success, which he sees welfare and affirmative action as doing.

Despising of Mediocrity

The average person does not do much more work than is required of them. They are not interested in being the best and the brightest in part because there frequently is no reward for it.

Satanists believe all people should strive to be their best, not to simply reach minimum requirements. However, they also believe that people should be rewarded for such effort, which, in turn, continues to provide motivation for others to excel.


Leaders should be those most capable of being such. Society is by its very nature stratified, and that should be both accepted and embraced.

This is particularly important among the leadership because it is the people at the very top of society that largely guide the development of that society. If the leadership is full of spoiled, weak-willed ingrates one can only expect the culture to follow its lead.


Judgment of ability has nothing to do with race, gender, sexual orientation, or other unrelated factor. Emphasizing a need to embrace the strongest – which can be strength of skill, intelligence, etc., not physical strength – comes with it an inherent denouncement of discrimination.

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