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Vodoun religious practices commonly include appealing to the loa, or spirits, and inviting them to temporarily take possession of (or "ride") human bodies so that they may communicate directly with believers. The ceremonies commonly include drumming, chanting, dancing and the drawing of symbols known as veves.

Just as specific colors, objects, chants and drum beats appeal to specific loa, so to do the veves. The veve used in a ceremony is dependent upon the lwa whose presence is desired. Veves are drawn on the ground with cornmeal, sand, or other powdery substances, and they are obliterated during the ritual.

Veve designs vary according to local customs, as do the names of the loa. Multiple veves generally have shared elements, however. For example, Damballah-Wedo is a serpent deity, so his veves commonly incorporate two snakes.

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Agwe veveAgweDamballah veveDamballah-WedoOgoun veveOgounOgoun VeveOgoun,Image 2
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