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Agwe veve
Catherine Beyer

Agwe is a water spirit, and is of particular interest to seafaring people such as fishermen. As such, his veve represents a boat. Agwe is particularly important in Haiti, an island nation where many residents have depended upon the sea for survival for centuries.

When he arrives in possession of a performer, he is met with wet sponges and towels to keep him cool and moist while on land during the ceremony. Care has to be taken to keep the possessed from jumping into the water, which is where Agwe prefers to be.

Ceremonies for Agwe are commonly performed near the water. Offerings are floated on the water's surface. If the offerings return to shore, they have been refused by Agwe.

Agwe is commonly depicted as a mullato man dressed in a naval uniform, and when in possession of another behaves as such, saluting and giving orders.

Agwe's female counterpart is La Sirene, the siren of the seas.

Other names: Agive, Agoueh, Met Agwe Tawoyo Loa Family: Rada; His Petro aspect is Agwe La Flambeau, whose realm is boiling and steaming water, most commonly in connection with underwater volcanic eruptions
Gender: Male
Associated Catholic Saint: St. Ulrich (who is often depicted holding a fish)
Offerings:White sheep, champagne, toy ships, gunfire, rum
Color(s): White and Blue

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