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Vodou Lwa and His Veve


Ogoun veve
Catherine Beyer

Ogoun was originally associated with fire, blacksmithing and metalworking. His focus has transformed over the years to include power, warriors, and politics. He particularly likes the machete, which is a common offering in preparation of a possession, and machetes are sometimes featured in his veves.

Ogoun is protective and triumphant. Many credit him with planting the seeds of revolution into the minds of Haitian slaves in 1804.

Each of the many aspects of Ogoun have their own personalities and talents. One is associated with healing and is seen as a combat medic, another is a thinker, strategist and diplomat, and many are machete-swinging warriors.

Other names: There are a wide variety of Ogoun aspects, including Ogoun Feray, Ogoun Badagris, Ogoun Balingo, Ogoun Batala, Ogoun Fer, and Ogoun Sen Jacque (or St. Jacques) Loa Family: Rada; Ogoun De Manye and Ogoun Yemsen are Petro
Gender: Male
Associated Catholic Saint: St. James the Greater or St. George
Holiday: July 25th or April 23
Offerings: Machetes, rum, cigars, red beans and rice, yam, red roosters and (non-castrated) red bulls
Color(s): Red and Blue

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