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Symbol of elemental fire
Catherine Beyer

Qualities: Warm, Dry
Gender: Masculine (active)
Elemental: Salamander (Here referring to a mythological lizard creature which could burst into flames)
Golden Dawn direction: South
Golden Dawn color: Red
Magical tool: Sword, athame, dagger, sometimes wand
Planets: Sol (Sun), Mars
Zodiac signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Season: Summer
Time of Day: Noon

Fire is associated with strength, activity, blood and life-force. It is also seen has highly purifying and protective, consuming impurities and driving back the darkness.

Fire is traditionally seen as the most rarefied and spiritual of the physical elements because of its masculine properties (which were superior to female properties), it's lack of physical existence, its production of light, and it's transformative power when it comes in contact with more physical material.

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