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Spirit of Spirits of the Moon (Luna)


Spirit of Spirits of the Moon (Luna)
Catherine Beyer
In the Western Occult Tradition, each planet has traditionally possessed both a spirit and an intelligence: ethereal souls (sometimes called daemons) responsible for the baleful and beneficial influences (respectively) of the individual planet. After all, even humans have souls, and the planets of the Celestial realm are far more spiritual, existing closer to God and constructed of a much more rarefied matter. It was therefore logical to occultists that the planets also possessed their own souls.

Identity of the Spirit

The name of the Moon's spirit of the spirits is Schedbarschemoth, and it's sigil is shown here. The name of the spirit of the Moon is Hasmodai,which has its own distinct sigil.

Construction of the Planetary Sigil

This sigil, published by Henry Cornelius Agrippa in his Three Books of Occult Philosophy and frequently repeated in other publications, is constructed through numerology and magic squares. The name Schedbarschemoth is spelled out in Hebrew, and then each Hebrew letter is associated with a number, as the Hebrew language inherently does. Each number is located on the magic square associated with the Moon, and a line is drawn to pass through each number.

Aesthetic Choices

The terminating circles at each end of the line appear to have been added for purely aesthetic reasons. Many hold that the sigil can also be freely rotated, either for aesthetic purposes or to further disguise the meaning and method of construction of the sigil.

Purpose of The Sigil

This sigil would be used to attract the baleful influences of the Moon, which according to Agrippa includes rendering a location unfortunate and causing people to flee from it, hindering physicians, orators and all men whatsoever in their office.
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