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Zoroastrian Beliefs and Creeds

Zoroastrian Creed
A declaration of faith for Zoroastrians.

Eschatology in Zoroastrian Religion
The end of the world scenario as envisioned in Zoroastrian, which had a pronounced influence on other monotheistic religions.

"Spenta Mainyu" And Good and Evil in the Zoroastrian Gathas
Zoroastrian concepts of good and evil, including the origins and consequences of both.

Purity and Fire in Zoroastrianism - Zoroastrian Fire and Ritual Purity
Ritual purity is central to Zoroastrian practices. Of the six main purifying agents in Zoroastrianism, fire is by far the most potent and revered. Considerable effort is made to keep temple fires uncontaminated in order for them to bestow their purity upon others.

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