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Zoroastrian Rituals And Practices

How Do I Convert to Zoroastrianism?
What options are open to a person, particularly a Westerner, who is interested in Zoroastrianism and the worship of Ahura Mazda?

Navjote - Zoroastrian Initiation Ceremony
Discussion on the importance of initiation in Zoroastrianism as well as descriptions of the actual ceremony.

Zoroastrian Funerals
Zoroastrians strive for purity in their lives, and death is considered the one of the ultimate corrupting influences. As such, Zoroastrian funeral rites strongly focus on ways to keep the surviving community uncontaminated from the recently deceased.

Haft-Sin Table

The Kusti And The Tying Ritual
The kusti is a ceremonial cord worn around the waist and ritually tied several times during the day by Zoroastrians. It is is a remainder of their faith and their devotion to Ahura Mazda.

The Bareshnum – Purification Baths in Zoroastrianism
The Bareshnum is a ritual bath that provides personal purification. While it can be performed for any Zoroastrian who has been seriously defiled, today it is generally only done for those who are preparing for priestly ordination, priests who have been defiled in some way, and corpse bearers, as corpses are considered particularly defiling and...

Navjote or Sudre-Pooshi in Zoroastrianism
The navjote is an initiation and welcoming ceremony for Zoroastrian children

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